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Create a simple daily schedule

Include exercise, work, family and relaxation. Stick to your schedule as much as possible and make your working, relaxing, sleeping and waking hours as regular as possible. A stable routine helps you find certainties even in moments that may seem uncertain.

Do regular exercise

Working from home gives you the opportunity to also do physical exercise in the hours you earn, avoiding having to go back and forth to the office.

Incorporate healthy meals into your eating routine

Eating healthy foods gives a boost to your energy level. Junk food has the opposite effect and makes us feel sluggish.

Create a sleep routine

When you work from home it’s very difficult to switch off and you often find yourself working well past your bedtime. Set an alarm to start preparing for bed. When the time is right, stop doing anything else, turn off the lights, turn off the computer, take a warm shower and listen to relaxing music or read a book.

Maintain proper posture and stretch

Sitting for a long time can strain your back and neck. Every now and then check how you are sitting and adjust yourself. To release muscle tension, try taking a break for a few minutes every half hour to stand up and stretch.

Pamper your eyes

To avoid looking at the screen for hours and tiring your eyes excessively:

  • Take frequent breaks to look at distant objects.
  • Make sure that the air from the fan and air conditioning does not come directly into your eyes.
  • Sit a comfortable distance from the screen.
  • Arrange your workspace so that what you’re looking at (screen or documents) is at eye level.
  • Make sure you are working in a brightly lit environment and adjust the screen so that there are no reflections from other light sources.

Drink lots of water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

Think positive

Try to find the positive aspects of working remotely. Think about how to use the time you gain by not having to go to the office to do the things you enjoy.

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