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Employability Services

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Solutions for the growth and enhancement of talent in the company.

Choose AKG to attract new talent, retain your resources and achieve concrete results.

Grow your business with AKG.

We offer funded training courses designed to meet the unique needs of your company.

Why is choosing AKG's employability services strategic for companies?

Our teams of specialists and our HR solutions aim to create a perfect match between the skills of the best talents and the needs of your company.

By relying on AKG you will lead your company and your collaborators on a path towards shared success: you will be able to increase company competitiveness, retain your resources and obtain concrete results.

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AKG helps your company in the personnel search and pre-selection process

Are you looking for a reliable partner to optimize your recruitment processes? AKG offers services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We are at your disposal to provide you with a complete service starting from support in the search, pre-selection and orientation of the workforce. We can guarantee every company the inclusion of new efficient and productive resources from day one.

Personnel research and pre-selection

Corporate training

Continuous training is one of the essential pillars in employability paths. It’s the right combination of learning, training and skill development that creates a successful team.

AKG corporate training was created with the aim of developing highly qualifying training courses capable of accompanying employees on a path of constant growth.

Investing in the training of your employees contributes to the growth of your company, promotes the engagement of your collaborators and generates well-being for the entire working environment.

Corporate training

We identify the best tools to finance your corporate training.

From needs analysis to planning, from submitting the financing application to monitoring and reporting: these are the phases through which we can guide your company. Our team of experts will be committed to guiding your company throughout the entire training plan management process, ensuring strategic use of training funds.

Discover our services for companies

Personnel research and pre-selection

We recruit quality candidates. We offer free support in personnel research and pre-selection.

Corporate training

We provide effective corporate training courses. We design tailor-made training courses to support the growth of your company.

Wellbeing and support

We offer a course designed for companies that want to increase the level of well-being and performance of their employees and managers.

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Services for companies

Do you need skilled workers, company training or support to increase the level of well-being and performance of your employees? Contact AKG.

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