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We celebrate the success stories written together.

There are thousands of people looking for work who have joined the active employment policy programs with AKG. Our Case Managers support and accompany these people during their active job search journey by developing a training program to improve their skills and competences. At the end of this path, each person is ready to face the selection process and successfully participate in job interviews. This is how success stories begin.

Our candidates

man in meeting looking back at the camera


I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the Youth Guarantee program with AKG which helped me step by step to enter the world of work and understand all the dynamics involved. I was followed impeccably by my tutor Mauro, a fundamental ally. Within a short time I managed to find a job that allowed me right from the start to make use of the skills I had acquired but also, and above all, my passion for IT. I can say that the Youth Guarantee program with AKG was the best choice I could have made!

supermarket staff working in a shop


With the Youth Guarantee program together with AKG I felt very comfortable and in particular with my tutor Giuliana, who has always supported me with extreme kindness, courtesy and availability, providing me with assistance whenever I needed it. Along the way I learned how to look for work and how to deal with the first interviews with recruiters. Now I am autonomous and able to refine the search according to my needs. The most effective point of the program, in my opinion, is precisely the assistance provided in finding a job, which is much more complicated than one might believe.

Warehouse worker smiling at the camera


I decided to continue my job search with AKG because they immediately seemed competent and friendly. These expectations of mine have been largely satisfied since the first days. I met my Case Manager tutor, a kind, knowledgeable person who was always ready to help me. She has always been by my side, giving me advice and helping me through various simulations to face each interview in the best possible way. Thanks to AKG I had the opportunity to enter the sector I wanted so much!

Smiling office worker


I got to know AKG through word of mouth. During the interview with my Case Manager I talked about my past work experiences and my training path. Based on my skills and aspirations, the Case Manager managed to find a job offer related to my school career in just a few days. Thanks to her and AKG, today I have a job in an accounting firm and I am very happy. I learn something new every day. I thank AKG for giving me this opportunity!

Smiling office worker


I thank AKG and all its staff for the splendid work done! My kind Case Manager and all the professionals who followed my profile proved to be serious and very prepared. I addressed topics such as preparation for the job search, useful tools for presenting oneself on the job market (CV and cover letter), contact research, skills assessment, strengths, objectives, planning and basic rules, they were very useful topics. Thank you with all my heart!

Beauty and health care worker


Participating in the GOL Program with AKG was a successful decision for my job search after graduation. Thanks to the support of my Case Manager and thanks to the initiatives proposed by AKG, such as the meetings to prepare my active job search and those dedicated to writing the curriculum vitae and the cover letter, I immediately understood what the best strategy was to adopt to try to get a job you wanted.

man working on a laptop in an office


During my journey in the Active Network for Work with AKG I felt very comfortable. I was followed by Ilaria and Giulia, who were always very present and available to answer any type of question, doubt or clarification. What I learned is that work doesn’t come by itself, but you have to be the one to look for it using any means. The most effective points of the Program and of AKG Italia are certainly the promptness and availability of the tutors. AKG Italia doesn’t help you look for a job, it helps you find the job you would like to do.

chef standing in front of a table of canapés


I was followed twice by AKG for the Dote Unica Lavoro and, apart from some difficulties due to the pandemic and the first lockdown in Italy, I found myself very well. I was followed first by Valentina and then by Lorena, both very helpful and prepared. AKG is a reliable organization and offers various opportunities to work on oneself, in the delicate transition period between a completed work experience and the search for a new position. I hope I no longer need it in the future but with a very high probability I would rely on AKG again.

health care working with her arm around a patient


My journey with AKG began in March, when I decided to change my life and make an important decision, which was to leave my secure job to find something that stimulated me and made me more fulfilled. I was lucky enough to be supported by tutor Chiara, a person who immediately conveyed kindness, empathy and desire to help me achieve my goal. Today, I can say that undertaking this path was the best choice both from a work and personal point of view!

Middle-aged man in an office


I was assigned a great Case Manager, Alice, who helped me so much in orienting me on what I really expected from a job. The program helped me understand how to best use my resume and cover letter, as well as putting me in the perfect position for an interview, something I had never done.

Smiling office worker


AKG is an important reality in our area as it prepares and directs you into the world of work, also offering you the opportunity to follow short training courses. The tutors are competent and super helpful, they listened to me and followed me with diligence and patience, for this I thank them infinitely. Particular credit goes to Chiara Medaina for her kindness and ability!

receptionist takes a call


I joined the Youth Guarantee program in December 2020. I was immediately followed by Tutor Valeria and I had a great time! After a few months I managed to find a job as a Receptionist at a Medical Clinic. What I have learned during this journey is to never give up at the first obstacle, to continue fighting for what you want to achieve because all your efforts will be rewarded sooner or later. And today I can confirm it, because I found what I was looking for! This experience allowed me to grow and improve my knowledge of job searching

young warehouse worker


I found the Youth Guarantee program to be very helpful in my job search, my tutor was a fundamental ally! Thanks to AKG I was able to learn more about myself and my strengths. My tutor, Lorena, helped me to better use my skills and aptitudes. The courses I attended were very useful in helping me enter the world of work. Since I started working I feel that I have finally found my dimension and a place in society. All of this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t signed up for the Program with AKG!

happy employee working on a computer looking at the camera


During my journey in the Dote Unica Lavoro programme, the tutor always made me feel at ease and provided me with very useful information to allow me to approach the search for a new job with the right attitude. I have learned to be more aware of my aptitudes and not to underestimate some aspects of my professional experience which are an added value for presentation in other companies.

office worker working on a laptop looking at the camera


I met my Tutor Alice in April 2021 thanks to the free Youth Guarantee Programme. Among the strong points of this Program, the preparation and dedication of the tutors and course teachers certainly stands out. Through Guarantee Youth we are supported on every aspect of the job search: starting from the assessment of skills, to examining various positions for potential applications, to drafting the cover letter for a targeted and adequate search. So I thank Alice and I thank AKG for helping and supporting me in this training journey!

senior man sitting at a computer


I would like to thank my tutor Francesca. When you reach sixty and have a fair amount of professional and life experience, you think you know everything (or almost). Instead, it is truly true that you never stop learning, also because life and the world of work have always been constantly evolving. I have received many different information and interesting ideas during my journey in the Dote Unica Lavoro program which I hope to treasure.

Gym receptionist handing form back to a customer


I am extremely happy to have taken part in the Youth Guarantee program with AKG! My tutor Erica has been my most important supporter, supporting me at all stages of my journey. I received the support and support I needed during my job search. Erica immediately understood what my strengths and aptitudes were, directing me towards roles that suited me and were consistent with my professional ambitions. Today I work as a receptionist in a gym; sport is my passion, I’m really enthusiastic about this job.

man looking at a computer screen in an office


The experience of taking part in the free Youth Guarantee program with Maximus helped me open my eyes towards a more exhilarating and stimulating concept of work. The constant support of my tutor Giulia Abate and the other AKG tutors have helped highlight my most captivating personal traits and skills that I didn’t think I had. To date I can confirm that I have found a job that rewards me and encourages me to always give my best, in a professional, welcoming and dynamic environment aimed at collectively achieving not only corporate but also interpersonal results.

office worker working on a laptop looking at the camera


When I started looking for work a few days after graduation, AKG was there. She clearly explained to me the supports they offered: with Valeria I improved active research, the cover letter, and conducting an interview. With Vincenzo I learned the strategies to adopt in assessments, guiding me with care and serenity, but it is Chiara, my tutor, to whom I owe the most. He dedicated time, patience and attention to me, highlighting my strengths, working with me on my weaknesses, without stopping fueling my enthusiasm. I’m happy to have her and AKG by my side!

call centre employee on a call


The most effective point in my opinion, in addition to the possibility of having a one-to-one relationship with a tutor, was the balance of skills, the search for areas of strength and weakness to better understand oneself and know how to move accordingly . It was important for me to know that I had a tutor available with whom I could compare myself.


The path with AKG contributed to helping me regain the motivation to look for work despite the difficult economic context that Italy is experiencing. Furthermore, it allowed me to prepare for the various interviews with my new company and to be hired in a position I had been looking for for some time.

hairdresser standing in a salon


I embarked on the Youth Guarantee program at a very uncertain time in my life. Many CVs sent and few positive responses. Vito, my tutor, an empathetic, helpful person and excellent advisor, offered me an interview at a company that turned out to be an excellent job opportunity. With AKG I had the opportunity to recognize my weaknesses and strengths, and then face interviews with more awareness and tranquility! The support and help from AKG was fundamental to achieving my goal, namely financial stability and the satisfaction of doing a fulfilling job that I have always wanted!

barista making coffee


After just a few weeks after entering the world of AKG, thanks to the support of my tutor Giuliana, I finally found a job. In a period of crisis like this, finding concrete support was truly fortunate.

Male call centre worker


I want to congratulate AKG for the great professionalism and for all the commitment, the patience in answering my questions and requests, the delicate sensitivity and the great empathy that all the people who followed me during my training journey showed me. Once I finished my orientation and training journey, and after assiduous research, I found a wonderful job in line with my requests and characteristics.

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