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We want to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey

Find your path with AKG's self-entrepreneurship support.

We will build a tailor-made path for you taking into account your unique skills and ambitions.

Embark on a unique path to realize your entrepreneurial dreams

Our Case Managers will accompany you in all phases of your new entrepreneurial journey with specialized consultancy, offering you coaching, counseling and specialized assistance services.

You will be able to access self-entrepreneurship support services by joining one of the active employment policy programs: Garanzia Occupabilità dei Lavoratori or Dote Unica Lavoro.

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All the training you need to start your business

You will have free access to a training course that will allow you to create your business plan, refining every detail of your business idea and acquiring crucial knowledge and skills.

You will conduct feasibility studies and market research, creating territorial marketing strategies and communication plans that will ensure your professional success.

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Assistance and support beyond training

We will offer you personalized support for drawing up your business plan, with specific support based on the nature of your business.

We want to offer you all the resources and support you need to turn your dream into a successful business reality.

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Access our path to self-entrepreneurship through active employment policy programs.

Dote Unica Lavoro

Dote Unica Lavoro is a program created as part of the initiatives promoted by the Regional Operational Program co-financed by the European Social Fund and aimed at unemployed people resident or domiciled in Lombardy who have already turned 30.

The Program aims to increase job opportunities for male and female candidates, supporting businesses and satisfying market demands by offering a range of services provided by public and private operators accredited in the Lombardy Region.

The program aims to support professional reintegration through personalized support during the job search phase, adapting the path to individual specificities related to the offer on the market.

The Dote Unica Lavoro program can last up to 360 days, depending on the intensity of the support needed.

Garanzia Occupabilità dei Lavoratori

Garanzia Occupabilità dei Lavoratori is a program planned by the Ministry of Labor and aims to improve job placement services for unemployed people aged between 16 and 64 .

The GOL Program is aimed at working people with social safety nets or other income supports (NASPI or Inclusion Allowance), subjects considered fragile (such as young people, women with particular disadvantages, people with disabilities, over 55s) and unemployed people without support to income. The program includes job support, refresher courses and professional retraining courses.

AKG adheres to the GOL Program through the Regional Plans of the Lombardy Region, Emilia-Romagna Region and Lazio Region and is an accredited operator for employment services. It offers personalized career orientation services. Furthermore, in the Lombardy Region, AKG is an accredited operator for training services and provides highly professional training courses.

Take your first steps towards a brilliant career with AKG

Contact us to write your success story.

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