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Write your success story with us.

We provide innovative solutions for work, health and education in six countries across our 300 locations in Australia, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We relate to job seekers, students, governments and local administrations, companies and organizations.

We believe that all people have the opportunity to succeed with the right support. We use our knowledge, skills and experience to help those who rely on us create significant changes in their lives. This allows us to bring out the potential of people, our colleagues and our communities with the aim of creating a positive impact and a brighter future for everyone.

There are more than 2,000 specialists who use their direct experience to provide support tailored to the needs of those who turn to us. Our people live and work within the communities they support, backed by the resources, network and financial stability of a global company.

Our numbers


Years of experience


Employees around the world


People supported with our services

AKG helps people overcome challenges, unleash their potential and achieve their goals.

Drawing from our personal experiences helps us connect and better support people

An old saying goes: “Before you judge a person, walk three moons in his shoes.”

We understand that people need to be supported by individuals with similar experiences. Among AKG employees there are several people who have received support in their job search process.

This allows us to provide more effective work support services and to do so in an empathetic way, truly understanding the problems of the people we interface with every day. We adopt an entirely person-centred approach with the aim of bringing out the unique qualities of each person, creating deep connections with the people we support.

AKG has a dedicated staff capable of driving meaningful change with the resources, network and financial stability needed to deliver a project on a global scale

To help individuals overcome personal, social and cultural challenges, we ensure that our staff have high-level skills and experience.

We ensure that our global team is backed by the resources, financial stability and network that can provide the people who rely on us with tangible support.

We empower people to face their challenges and prepare for success

Anyone is capable of growing and progressing, but we know that some people face greater challenges than others. We walk side by side with the people we support, supporting them as they overcome different challenges and achieve their life goals. Learning to overcome a challenge is more inspiring than waiting for it to be removed.

Our model

A global network of specialists, skills applied locally. AKG was founded more than 30 years ago by Duncan Angus, who experienced several obstacles in finding satisfying training and employment.

Duncan co-founded AKG with the understanding that empathy, experience and skill development can support people in the process of improving their lives and communities.

Today, AKG remains faithful to its initial purpose: to enhance the uniqueness of people by helping them in their employment and education paths, enabling them to establish themselves within their communities.

We achieve our goals through our global network, the skills and experience of our team, and the commitment we maintain to our purpose.

Global network

Our global network includes 300 locations in six different countries. We provide hundreds of highly competent experts, their technical knowledge and various valuable contacts within different communities.

Experience on the field

Our services are delivered by people with first-hand experience of the problems and challenges that people who rely on us face on a daily basis. Our professionals support people with empathy, ensuring they have a positive and understanding mindset, as well as instilling numerous practical knowledge and skills useful for tackling working life.

Faithful to our beliefs

We are deeply determined and determined to help the people who rely on us transform their lives. This purpose is what drives us to strive, renew and develop every day to better support our communities.

Proven results

In thirty years of experience, we have helped more than a million people develop their skills and abilities to build a brighter future. We continue to develop new projects that empower people to change their lives.

Our aim

We value people in work, health and education, allowing them to flourish in their communities.

Our values


We empower people to make their own decisions and choose their own path based on what they want out of life.


We treat each person with kindness and respect, connecting with their diverse backgrounds, life experiences and unique stories.


Let’s do what’s right. We respect our commitments. We achieve high standards.


We bring the best of AKG to bear to improve the lives of people, our staff and our communities.

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What we stand for


Our partnership model is different

At AKG, we work to actively identify international, national and local partnerships between companies, government departments and organisations.

We help different types of public and private entities overcome the growing challenges of sourcing workforce and unique business needs.

Concrete partnerships

We consider the companies we collaborate with to be reliable partners. We are committed to analyzing, understanding and responding to the unique needs of their reality.

Attention to the community

We're looking for partners on our wavelength to make meaningful change in the communities where we live and work.

Continuous support

We continue to provide support for at least six months after hiring a new person through our services.

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