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The Dote Unica Lavoro Program

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The Dote Unica Lavoro Program

Dote Unica Lavoro is a program aimed at unemployed men resident or domiciled in Lombardy who are over 30 years old.

The purpose of the Program

The purpose of the Dote Unica Lavoro Program is to increase opportunities for candidates looking for work, support businesses and satisfy market demands by offering a range of services provided by public and private operators accredited in the Lombardy Region.

Dote Unica Lavoro is a free program created as part of the initiatives promoted by the Regional Operational Program co-financed by the European Social Fund.

The Program aims to support the insertion and professional relaunch of candidates through personalized support during the job search phase, and by adapting the path to the individual specificities connected to the offer on the market. The Dote Unica Lavoro Program can last up to 360 days, depending on the intensity of the support needed.

The services offered by Dote Unica Lavoro

  • Information and orientation.
  • Balance of skills and knowledge.
  • Individual work plan.
  • Individual and/or individualized coaching and support.
  • Group workshops.
  • Training services aimed at the insertion and certification of skills.
  • Support in job search, placement guidance and personalized tutoring.
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The key principles of Dote Unica Lavoro

  • Freedom of choice. Candidates looking for work are free to choose between all accredited public and private operators.
  • Each candidate can benefit from integrated services financed by the European Social Fund. Candidates can take advantage of free training services and job services in line with their personal needs.
  • Result orientation. The Program is aimed at providing candidates with tools of autonomy and awareness focused on identifying stable job opportunities.
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