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Personnel research and pre-selection

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Find qualified personnel for your company.

We work in partnership with companies to support them in finding personnel and assist them in recruitment processes.

Why choose AKG?

Our team of experts keeps companies constantly updated on bonuses, contribution relief, benefits for staff hiring and incentives for job placement. Every company that relies on AKG Italia saves precious time spent on the recruitment and insertion of new resources.

Tailor-made services to identify new talent for your company

AKG Italia provides companies with a complete tailor-made package to support them in the workforce search process. Our holistic approach addresses staffing needs in the short term and helps develop employee skills in the long term.

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The value of training in search and preselection services

Integrating training services into the recruitment process makes job placement smoother: new hires can be pre-trained and gain the skills necessary to do their job better, making them more productive and competent from day one.

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Professional profiles trained in every sector

We provide industry-specific training to all our users, saving time and money on onboarding new hires.

Secretariat and front office – Skills in: effective communication, Microsoft Office package, organization and time management.
Administration and accounting – Skills in the fields of: first note, management of the financial statements and use of the Zucchetti software.
Sales and large-scale retail trade – Skills in the areas of: organization and distribution of goods and services.
Logistics – Skills in the fields of: logistics and goods handling as required by law.
Marketing and communication – Skills in: web marketing strategies, copywriting principles and SEO.

We are leaders in the field of personnel research and pre-selection


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About us

Find out what the partner companies we support say about us to identify the right resources for their business.

My English School

We discovered AKG Italia during the headhunting activity on potential profiles for Sales & Didactic Consultant for My English School. We continue to choose Maximus Services for their ability to understand business needs and advance candidates online.

Flower Burger

We chose AKG Italia for the speed of responses and the quality of the services provided, as well as the availability of the employees with whom we collaborated. I would recommend Maximus for the same reasons we continue to use it: speed, quality and courtesy.

Alice Pizza

I would recommend him for his pragmatic approach, understanding of needs and flexibility with respect to customer requests. In particular, the speed of execution is particularly in line with the needs of the sector, thus making the service competitive and useful.


For us at Roots, AKG Italia represents a well-organised service with excellent communication and provides all the necessary support to our trainees to navigate the sometimes complicated transition between the training experience and the transformation of skills, experiences and passions, in concrete and ethical work.

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Are you looking for professional profiles to include in your company? Contact us now and discover our services for companies.

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