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Corporate training

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The perfect corporate training for your organization.

From consultancy to delivery, we build training courses based on the needs of your company.

The right combination of learning, training and skills development

AKG was born with the aim of developing highly qualifying training courses capable of accompanying a company’s employees on a path of constant growth. Our training courses can be delivered to meet the needs of specific sectors, based on the roles covered by the workers and the skills required by the market.

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Discover our tailor-made services for your corporate training

Do you want to start a journey to increase the employability of your team thanks to the innovative tailor-made corporate training program provided by AKG? Our experts will undertake to guide your company throughout the entire training plan management process, ensuring strategic use of the funds allocated to training. We will support your company in identifying financing instruments best suited to your needs, guiding you throughout the entire definition of the training plan, including issues relating to bonuses, contribution relief, incentives for hiring and incentives for job placement.

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AKG is the perfect strategic partner to reinvigorate your workforce, ensuring they are ready to overcome the challenges of the future.

Our main objectives are:

Guide employees on a growth and training path.
Develop and update workforce skills.
Value diversity and promote inclusion.
Ensure knowledge transfer from senior to junior resources.

We can accompany your company in all phases of the financed training path.

Needs analysis.
Planning and presentation of the financing application.

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Do you need an organization that provides corporate training? Contact us and discover our services for companies.

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